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Cabinet Refacing FAQ's

  • What is Cabinet Refacing & how does it work?
    Cabinet Refacing is the process of replacing all of your cabinet doors, drawers fronts, and moldings with newly made stained or painted cabinet doors and drawers you choose. New 1/4" plywood is also ordered and stained or painted to match your newly build cabinet doors. This 1/4" material is installed on top of your current cabinet faces, cabinet ends, and toe kicks. This material is glued into place, once this is completed new concealed European soft close hinges are added and cabinet doors are installed. You also have the option to replace your current drawer boxes with beautiful, long lasting plywood dovetail drawers where we also as soft close drawer guides. The last step in the installation process in installing new knobs or pulls to complete a cabinet makeover.
  • How long does the installation take?
    This depends on the size of the project, but a simple vanity can easliy be completed in a day, while refacing every cabinet in a home could take up to a week. Most projects we take on average an install timeline of 3-5 business days.
  • Can I use my kitchen during the install process?
    Yes, we clean up after ourselves daily prior to leaving the job-site, and you are welcome to use your kitchen as needed keeping disruption in your home to a minimum.
  • What is the difference between Cabinet Refacing & Cabinet Refinishing?
    Cabinet refacing as described above is bring in new cabinet doors, fronts and moldings and plywood material to install on top of your current cabinet boxes. Cabinet refinishing is the attempt to remove the current stain and finish from your cabinet, re-stain the cabinets in your home. This does not allow you to change the type of wood and grain structure your cabinets are currently made out of.
  • What is a better long term solution to update cabinets, refacing or refinishing?"
    We feel as professionals in this space that refacing is a better value on the money spent in your home. Painting or staining any sort of woodworking or cabinets in a spray booth and controlled environment provided a superior level of finish that is incredibly difficult to produce in a home. Not only are we using brand new wood that is ready for a beautiful finish to be applied, there is a lot of risk involved in attempting to remove old stains and paints in a home that has been lived in and hope that the new coating put on top of old cabinets will last, will have a high quality feel and touch and last long term in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that see a lot of wear and tear. Typically when homeowners are looking to make a change in their kitchen, they are also looking for a change to add a personal touch to a home they bough as is, or want to change want they installed years ago when they first bought their home. Refacing allows the option to move into a variety of different wood species that provide many different grain patterns, stain color options, or paints of your choosing. With cabinet refinishing you are left to utilize the wood your cabinets were made from. Refacing is also less invasive as we aren't spraying finishes in your home, eliminiating your kithcen usages for several days, create a lot of extra dust and smell.
  • What is my first step to see if Cabinet Refacing is right for me?
    Feel free to reach out to us, give us a call, email or text and we can set up a time to visit with you at your home. We will discuss the vision you have for your kitchen, chat about what options we have, measure the space and provide you with an estimate.
  • What if you don't show any colors that fit what I am looking for?
    Show us some pictures or samples of what you are looking for, we would be happy to take on any paint or stain match to help you achieve the dream look you are after!



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